Can I add multiple profiles to one product?


Each Tapni can be linked just to one profile. You can link as many Tapni products as you want to 1 profile, but you cannot link multiple profiles to 1 product.

If you want to add multiple profiles,  you will have to create different accounts with different email addresses and usernames. Once you’ve created all the different accounts you can follow the steps in the article
How to activate my tag in order to connect each Tapni tag to the corresponding profile .


Once creating the multiple accounts you will be able to switch easily between them:

  •  Login into one account
  • Click on the arrow pointing down beside your Username 
  • Click on Add account 
  • Login to your second account 
  • After successfully logging in, your two accounts will be shown in the sidebar an you can freely switch between them anytime without the need to manually log out and log in everythime you want to change something in the accounts.